First low-cost stations network


We seek to improve production, logistics and distribution to offer the best low-cost possible benefits for stations. The synergy among the different companies belonging to our Group (Kalpa Group) enables us to guarantee the best quality at the best competitive price.

Fuel for industries and companies


We provide high quality Service by means of our own fleet which assures rapid delivery and guaranteed supply, thus meeting every customer’s need. We add value to the industry by means of a suitable sustainable framework.


Voy con Energía is part of Kalpa Group, a Group of medium size national companies which work together by means of a vertical integration pattern, thus covering all areas in the petroleum industry.

Having control over all levels of the industry, allows us to optimize processes to lower costs, thus benefiting our customers without sacrificing products quality.

Plants strategic location

Refinery, part of the group

Own fleet

Digitalization of processes

Own Fuel Service stations network


We are committed to environmental care during manufacturing and distribution processes. Therefore, our fuels are elaborated abiding by national standards in accordance with Res. 5/2016 (amending 1283/2006), and controlled by The Secretary of Energy.


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Used in heavy industries, in boilers and big diesel engines.


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• Marine fuel. • Used by tanker ships in the international market.


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• 95 Octane. • Same autonomy as Premium gasoline. • Guarantees the demand for modern engines.


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• 98 Octane.

• Engine great life span.

• Less pollution.


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• Keeps the original strength of the engine. • Guarantees better cold starting. • Less pollution.


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• Greater cetane number. • Low sulfur content. • State-of-the-art technology for diesel engines.

Junín, Buenos Aires

Av. San Martín y General Paz, Junín, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Realicó, La Pampa

RN188 KM 477,1, Realicó, La Pampa, Argentina


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